I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open

by Christina LaRocca

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Thank you, thank you, thank you:

Nothing in life is easy, and if you wait around for everything you are striving to achieve to float into your lap, you will be waiting for a long time. For those that know me well, know I work extremely hard to continue doing what I love, however I could not do any of it without the love and support of the following people.

First, I would like to thank my parents. I am truly blessed to have them in my life and I don't think I will ever come close to repaying them for their constant encouragement and influence they have had on my life. I would like to thank long time friend, Christian Reinsch AKA Teskt of The Higher Concept, for letting me record this album in his home, The House of Dreams, and for introducing me to J Glaze.

I would also like to thank Julia LaRocca, Paul Munoz, Kat Pac, Ted Maniatakos <3, Mike McHugh, Tatiana Moroz, Dorian Lake, Carl Gallagher (& anyone that ever played a note for Heavy Weather), Dan Grigsby, Kristin Pitanza, Marissa Devito, Chris Daversa, Valerie Berry, my current band- Satchel Jones, Caitlin Gray, Sean Pokress, Jackson Twain for helping me bring this project to life, Melissa Q, Wu, Amy Eckstein, Jessica Macauda & Who is Gail Laine? for believing in me and pushing me to try harder when the road seemed uncertain.

Many, many thanks to everyone that had any part of creating this record especially Ari Raskin, and of course Josh Glazer. For two years we've worked on this record- every beat, every word, until it was perfect, and now it is finally finished. Without you, your creative vision, and patience, this album could have never happened.

All my love to anyone who has ever bought a CD, destructed property with one of my stickers, came out to a show. You are the best and I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you.


released October 25, 2011

"Independent Lady", "With You", "Like a Cigarette (I Love Ya Baby)", "Call Your Name", "Memories (Don't Let Them Fade)", "Tonight", "Early is the End" written by Christina LaRocca.
"Freddie", "Silver Bullets" & "Destiny"- Lyrics & Melody by Christina LaRocca, Music by Josh Glazer
Copyright 2011, L Rock Entertainment. BMI.
I Stand Tall With My Eyes Wide Open was Engineered, Produced and Mixed by J. Glaze Productions
Additional Mixing on Tracks "Freddie", "Independent Lady", "Destiny", "Like a Cigarette", "Memories", and "Silver Bullets" by Ari "R.E. Thuggz" Raskin
Mastered by Ari "R.E. Thuggz" Raskin at Deepwater Studios, NYC
Additional Engineering on “Silver Bullets”- Christian Reinsch
Executive Producer- Christina LaRocca
All Tracks Recorded at The House of Dreams, Staten Island, NY.
Music from “Tonight” was record at Tainted Blue Studios and engineered by Sax DMA.
Graphic Design by Valerie Berry
Photography by Shervin Lainez
Vocals & Guitar- Christina LaRocca
Trumpet- Josh Glazer
Lead Guitar on Tracks "Destiny", "Like a Cigarette", "Silver Bullets"- Frank Bianco
Cello on Tracks "Memories" & "Early is the End"- Wes Swing
Bass on Tracks "Independent Lady" & "Memories"- Ted Maniatakos
Rap on “Independent Lady” - Matty J of The Higher Concept
Rap on “Destiny”- The Higher Concept
“Tonight” is Carl Gallagher (guitar), Daniel Gallagher (bass), Jackson Twain (keys), Mike Sutton (drums)



all rights reserved


Christina LaRocca New York, New York

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Track Name: Freddie

I just want love to come my way
Tired of all these little boys & all the silly games
They just like to play
Sophisticated mama
I ain't afraid to speak my mind
But as time passes on I'm starting to doubt
I will ever find

The one who will treat me right
The one to make love to all night
A real man to make me his queen
When will I find the man of my dreams
Hands that will hold me tight
Never ever starts the fight
Sweeter than sugar & cream
between the sheet he makes me scream

Oh, oh, oh, oh x4

Now I'm not really lookin' cuz if is meant to be
when he looks me in my eyes
It'll happen naturally
Love has come, Love will go
Yet I'll always hold my head high
But as time ticks through that hour glass
I'm thinking cupid is a liar

Common boy come find me make
Me a happy girl
I'll satisfy your mind & body
I'll be your diamond shining pearl
Be the one you always reach for
when you dream of the world at night
and the warmth of my love will soak you up like daylight...
Track Name: Independent Lady (Ft. Matty J of The Higher Concept)
Oh so tired of feeling like a fool I was in love with you
a man that didn't respect me he was overpowered by jealousy
I put him first over me it took a while but now I see
I'm the one I need to care for
I'm the one that I should adore
Got dreams & aspirations over tired complications
ladies this is our year, have no fear
you are beautiful and don't need to make love a career

I'm an independent lady
Boy you know that's what I am, I am (That’s what I am baby, that’s what I am)
Treat me like a real woman
Common take me as I am
Take me as I am

I don't need a man to support me
Material things or money
I want love, respect and devotion
a heart deeper than the ocean
If he's truly the one that deserves you
his words should always be true
and that isn't a lot to ask, in fact you shouldn't have to
no no, oh oh

I'm an independent lady
Boy you know that's what I am, I am
Treat me like a real woman
Common take me as I am
Take me as I am

Baby girl aint nothin I wouldn't do for you.. you beautiful from your thoughts to your cuticles.. Got dreams and goals yup you can do em too.. All you need is a little room to move.. 4 and boo, ima give it to you. cuz you deserve it.. Every word and curve close to perfect.. I chose these words because I wanna express.. ..The way I feel I can't keep it in check.. 8 I wanna date for real I see that you get the best.. Don't wanna play the field you sittin me on the bench.. But. I don't mind cuz you on my mind.. Pretty much all the time more than the sun shines.. 12 skin like butter spread yes don't tempt me.. I'm cool with your number one rule gotta respect me.. .Fillin up my cup don't leave me empty.. you
Track Name: With You
With You

Lonely is my heart
And time doesn’t heal a god damn thing
I was told from the start
I should see love doesn’t covet and I should bring
Myself above this mess
Move forward with my life cuz this is just a test
I know I am strong
But I was blinded by love so I went along

…With you

Lonely are these arms
Longing to hold you instead I hold on
To what I know is true
Your charms might have worked then
But now I am gone and I’m not
Coming back
Said you don’t deserve me and that is a fact
Don’t call me
I don’t care
What’s new in your life
Find someone else to share it

…With you

Lonely are you
You’re well aware of what you lost
And now you can watch me from afar
All I’ve left are pieces remnants of my ghost
And I’ll you haunt you all your days
I’ll live in your memory like a broken record that plays
On & on, and on again
I’ll be on the other side of the world instead of in hell

…With you
Track Name: Destiny
Oh…oh….yeah yeah

Nothin’s gonna stop me now
Nothin’s gonna stop me now
I made it to this point somehow
Nothin’s gonna stop me now

I look across the water and all I see is the world’s greatest city staring back at me
Times are hard & moneys tight but I got these words to keep me through the dark cold lonely night
A woman of my word and Imma tell ya this gonna take it to the top so fast you might miss me
As I blur by don’t need a man my family’s love is what keeps me higher
Music my rage the lights hit the stage my guardian angel, glaze is an urban sage
This ride is never gonna end, death before I put down this pen
This world will take you out like an avalanche if you don’t keep pressin on you gotta move fast
If you wanna take it to the top just don’t stop – be ready!

Fearless, alone in the world, yup, we're peerless/ hear this, we're commandeering what you hold dearest/ here is the manifesto let's go, other rappers try so hard, we the best though/ cuz we be swimmin in beats, lyrical breaststroke/ we stay playin the angel, Depeche Mode/ and from the top of the mount, it's the sermon, flames coming out of my eyes, they still burnin/ it's been destiny way before i came along/ we got the cards, now hope we don't play em wrong/ but if it's fate there's no way we could mess it up/ so we break this bread and bless the cup, what!

There were moments that I thought I just might die, return to earth & watch my spirit fly
And maybe god will forgive my enemy of his sins but after all that pain no one wins
Manipulation, aggrevation, spent days in detention, been a prisioner for too lnog, bruised and battered
So fuckin’ wrong! Your depiction of the world but it’s okay yeah, it just made me stronger
There’s a flame inside it burns it yearns words come music flows everywhere my mind goes
Wind blows the sailing ships across the water to a destination, their destiny
I see what I need to see (oh-oh)
I know where I gotta go (I know where I gotta go)
I’m on my way working harder everyday
Nothin’s gonna stop me now don’t ask how!
Track Name: Like a Cigarette (I Love Ya Baby)
Like a cigarette resting between my lips you set my soul at ease
God damn you know I love the feeling but it’s slowly killing me
I sit and watch that smoke disappear in the breeze
Crazy emotions getting my high I just can’t leave him and I know why

I love ya baby

Now I know you are the lover for me
It comes so naturally
Been through so much in so little time
Our loves the color of a good glass of red wine
Sometimes…life sets in and takes us for a spin
I stand tall too proud and then I fall in your eyes
What we got’s so strong it never dies cuz

I love ya baby

Love isn’t simple people are people livin’ their lives
What we got you don’t find everyday
Like the music in my bones common & feel what I say
Love isn’t simple people are people livin’ their lives
What we got you don’t find everyday
Like the music in my bones common & feel what I say
Track Name: Call Your Name
I know you want it
It’s evident and clear
Now earn it
Before I disappear
We can get high
Dance above the stratosphere
Move with me
And sweat until you hear me

Call Your Name
Like a fire in the brush
This love can’t be tames
I’ll take you
In my arms
And I’ll be yours
You will hurt no more
When I call your name

I know you’re in it
When my heart is beating near
Come closer (come closer)
Our bodies will adhere
I will stay
A new world we’ll engineer
Don’t be afraid
Where’s there’s love there is no fear

I know it’s love
And if you’re quiet you will hear every note
Symphonic in your ear
Time will tell
Where we’ll go from here
Follow my voice & you will know
Exactly where to go
Track Name: Memories (Don't Let Them Fade)
You know & I know where it comes from where it goes
Find yourself in the back seat of a whip on the way down to Mexico
See colors you ain’t never seen
So vibrant in your eyes
Bask in the sun allow yourself to be hyponotized

Don’t let the memories fade away
Keep them with you till your old
Till your old & gray
Embrace the good times
Forget about, forget about the past
Feel the love and let these moments
These moments last

Time grows the clock knows
Not everybody gets a second chance
The wind blows & with the world I wanna move
I wanna dance
Feel every color hear every word
See every little thing
My blind eyes allow me to see

Take it as it comes & hold on to it
Don’t let go (you never know when it may fade away)
Life will surprise you time & time again
It’s an unknown road
And were driving with our eyes closed
Track Name: Silver Bullets
Like a vampire you suck the blood from the living
You take what you can as long as they keep giving
Opportunities never slip through your cracks
Your turning friends & lovers
Into midnight snacks

Gotta get away
Gonna run away
I can hear him now he must be hungray
Gotta get away
Gonna run away
You know I’m shooting some silver bullets his way

The sun sets & I know that it is almost time
I’ve counted all the exits
I know every staircase to climb
Your confused cuz you always catch your prey
Well you should just go back to the hole from which you came
Cuz it ain’t happenin today no, no, no no

Gotta get away
Gonna run away
I can hear him now he must be hungray
Gotta get away
Gonna run away
You know I’m shooting some silver bullets his way

I’m ready now got all the amo I need
Gonna end this tonight
You’re the one that’s gonna bleed
Here he comes my target is all I see
Common you undead heartless bastard I dare you

Gotta get away
Gonna run away
I can hear him now he must be hungray
Gotta get away
Gonna run away
You know I’m shooting some silver bullets his way
Track Name: Tonight
Tender touches blood rushes
Warm hands graze foreign lands
Conversation long
Connection strong
You lucky boy
I think I’m gonna take you home with me tonight

Twilight it just feels so right
From your head into my bed (my bed)
Lips to face you kissed me with grace
So sweetly surely we agree you should be
Coming home with me tonight

The next day I could still feel your body on mine
But boy your not calling me your keeping me on the line
I know your scared but I promise, I promise not to hurt you
I just want you here with me tonight

Arms wrapped were just two lovers trapped
In a moment our hearts are bent (are bent)
My guard falls yet im receiving no calls from him
Tell me pretty baby are you thinking of me

(Tonight, tonight)
Yes, to-night
(tonight, tonight)
Yes, to-night
(tonight, tonight)
Track Name: Early is the End
i am what i am
my past is my past
i stand tall
with my eyes wide open

judgement cast on circumstances
i can never change
you look past me and fire at my life
like a target at a shooting range
i can't be everything you want and more
but i'd rather be alone than be your whore

not sure what you are looking for
all you know is that it isn’t there
your mind’s been closed up for repairs
go complain to someone that cares

I can't expect you to understand
you're young inexperienced and just a man
put in the corner for way too long
sometimes it seems right but im usual wrong
I don’t know what you want from me
let me know when you and yourself agree

i just needed a friend
just needed a friend
early is the end
i just needed a friend...
my love doesn't pretend...